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Ghana at 60 Tribute


She was awake earlier than usual

Chin in palm, she looked despondent

She was lost in thoughts

She cast her mind back to the very beginning

She wondered what she had done wrong.


Unlike you and me, she is an immortal

She needs humans to feed into immortality

She recalled her birth

The pomp and pageantry at her naming ceremony

She recalled having started school before some of her peers and sisters: Malaysia, Singapore, Ivory Coast and others.

She recalled her endowments.

She asked with a sigh “have I lost it all?”


Unlike mortals, with age they matured

Unlike mortals, with age their beauty grows

Unlike mortals, with age comes respect and love.


Today is her birthday

She smiled and said “I need a hot shower”

It is to wash away the filth

It is to wash away the rape of my economy

It is to wash away the stigma of nepotism

It is to wash away the dirt of corruption.

It is to clean that black spot of lawlessness

It is to restore my aching joints of peace, love and patriotism.

Today I will wear my best

Make my hair and skin glow with Tama Shea Butter

I will wear my Fugu and Kente

I will put on the finest Ahenemma(sandals)

I will adorn myself with Gold, Diamonds, Beads, Bauxite and Manganese

Prepare me a hot Cocoa drink

Prepare a banquet for my children

Let them eat to their fill.


I am 60 years old today. I am happy. I am smiling.

It is a new beginning.

Make a mother proud my children.

Make me proud this day onwards


© 03062017 KwasiNtemMensah

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