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The 7 Natural Wonders That Makes Ghana The Perfect Tourist Destination – Part I

By: Jeffrey Ohene Darko, GAJ




This spectacular seasonal waterfall is situated in the Eastern Region of Ghana, about 17km Northeast of Koforidua, the regional capital of the Eastern Region. This waterfalls feature two falls, side-by-side and are accessed via a scenic descent via 250 concrete steps to the bottom of the falls. This waterfall was first to be enlisted by the national Tourist Board because of its magnificent nature. A somewhat strenuous hike to Umbrella Rock can also be done from the visitor center. The view from Umbrella Rock is unforgettable, but we recommend doing this in the cool of the morning.


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These falls are a mere 7 km from Boti Falls and are also seasonal in nature. Like Boti Falls, these falls are also accessed via a scenic 250 concrete steps to the bottom, where a canyon of water can fall around you from 3 sides if the flow is good. Lookout rock is a nearby attraction that you may visit when at the falls. After climbing a somewhat frightening bamboo ladder, you arrive to top of a large flat rock that looks out over an amazing forest vista. It is quite an incredible experience.

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This seasonal fall is from the Pumpu River, which falls some 70 meters down beautiful rocky steps. The Kintampo Waterfalls has a more festive environment with lots of locals on picnics and shade where visiting individuals and groups can sit and have fun There are lots of trees, mostly dominated by Mahogany, some of which grow beyond 40 meters. Kintampo Falls is also a fine resting place when traveling between Kumasi and Tamale or Mole National Park. Nearby in the town of Kintampo is a small monument that marks the geographic center of Ghana.

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About 20 a minute drive from Kintampo Falls is the less visited and more serene Fuller Falls. These falls have an upper and lower falls in a cool, peaceful, reflective environment.                        


Wli Falls are located about 20km from Hohoe, in the Wli Natural Reserve. An hour’s walk through cool shades of the forest will lead you to Ghana’s highest waterfalls which flows throughout the year. It is located at the edge of the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary, which has hundreds of fruit bats, but no wildlife that you would see. There are a couple of guesthouses at the falls for an overnight experience.
Note that Wli Falls also has an upper falls. It is a very strenuous hike and generally cannot be done during the rain season. But if you are adventurous, healthy and strong, it is a worthy goal to reach the rarely visited upper falls.                   

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Like the nearby Wli Falls, Tagbo Falls, located at Liate Wote, flow from the Ghana-Togo mountain range. It is an easy 45 minute walk through forest and cocoa trees to reach these scenic falls that are covered by a lush green carpet of vegetation. While at the scenic highland village of Liate Wote, you can make a very strenuous hike to the top of Mount Afadjato, Ghana’s tallest peak. Less difficult would be a visit to a nearby snake zoo.

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These falls are located in the Dodowa Forest, near to the Shai Hills Wildlife Reserve.

The enchanted Dodowa forest is the battle-field of the Kantamanso war which ended in 1826. The defeat of the Great Ashanti Warriors on the 7th of August 1826 marked the end of Ashanti domination of the then Gold Coast. The giant Baobab tree at the edge of Dodowa is where the ceremony was held to mark the end of conflict. After about a 45 minute hike in the forest, you will come to this beautiful waterfall which drops from a height of about 250 feet, running on stratified rocks into a clear pool.

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