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SEM Pharmacy – A Ghanaian Owned Pharmacy Serving the Houston Community and Beyond

By: Jeffrey Ohene-Darko

As a little girl, Mrs. Opuni-Frimpong had always fancied being in the health field- with her dad being a pharmacist and grand-mother being a herbalist- mixes traditional herbs for curing; Divine has habitually been curious about the field and decided to pursue something in health. She went to St. Monica’s, in Mampong- Ashanti Region and continued at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology before traveling to the U.S.

To prove her passion for the field, she worked at Walgreens, followed by Memorial Herman hospital to acquire further skills and practice. One of her enthusiastic trait eagerly to portray is at the retail side, offering great and positive service; and letting customers know that is not only about the medication but the what the service entails and brain behind it.

Being from a family of health practitioners and having the passion for it, led her to open her own pharmacy shop. She collaborated with Doctor Yamoah, a pharmacist who also served as her mentor, by way of conjoining her pharmacy to her (Dr. Yamoah’s) clinic.

Divine’s pharmacy named SEM Pharmacy Medical Supply & Compounding started in January 2010 but officially opened in May 17th 2010. One other factor contributing to her enthused work ethic in the field is developing a long-lasting and a personal relationship with customers, to gain their trust and consistent service.

SEM has gained in-depth experience in the business and seven years in, has set a spectacular standard in the diaspora. A new branch was set to be established in October 2016, and was officially opened on April 1st, with a grand ceremony- as it was time to grow and expand the business.

–          SEM specializes mainly in health-related factors as stated previously, giving back to the community, immunization- which is a main objective, and serves as a highly-spirited platform to talk about religious related stuff- sharing the word of God and Jesus.

Ms. Divine says, “the whole idea of business is to give something to gain something.; therefore, it’s imperative to work structurally and have a good relationship with customers or clients daily.” She continues that, very soon SEM will go global, beginning from her home country, Ghana; based on past deteriorating health cases she’s experienced; and additionally, expanding in the diaspora in the U.S while supplying, giving and maintaining good quality of service and medication.

An advice I would like to share with the upcoming generation and all who aspire to be in this field or in the field of entrepreneurship is: for them to follow their dreams and note that, the only way dream gets implemented is to follow with prayers, steps that needs to be taken, not being stressed and not giving up but praying and consistency, says Ms. Divine.

Website: http://www.sempharmacy.net/



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