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Lolonyo Haborbor of Michigan in USA launches ‘Ewe Cultural Heritage’

Lolonyo Haborbor

The Lolonyo Harborbor has launched the Ewe Cultural Heritate in order to pass on the Ewe Culture to the next generation of leaders especially those children born in the USA to Ghanaian parents.

The Ewe Cultural Heritage will help groom children who may have either on of their parents being a Ghanaian and the other being an American, or from another nationality.

The essence of the Ewe Cultural Heritage is also to expose these precious young ones, who are the future leaders of their heritage to the culture of Eweland: stretching from the Volta Region in Ghana to Togo, and Benin.

It is true that Children are every nation’s posterity and the torch bearers. They are the leaders, movers and shakers of the future Ewe cultural sustainability. It is for that reason care is taken to groom them from infancy to realize their roles in their heritage: The Ewe Culture.

Culture is the embodiment of a Society’s way of doing things, and includes things such as language, music, food, artifacts such as clothing, and different tools, which that particular society uses in its daily existence. In addition to these, one of the definitions which seems to apply to Lolonyo Haborbor’s Cultural Heritage initiative is what Eisler (1987), and Eisler and Potter (2014) state as, partnership or “power-with” relationships in which relationships are trust-based, equalitarian, and built around flexible hierarchies of actualization and mentorship.

With that in mind, Lolonyo Haborbor’s desire is to build partnership, trust, flexibility of cultural knowledge acquisition in the children, empower them to actualize their dreams of knowing the Ewe Culture, and to mentor them. So then, there is a partnership between the association, and the children.

Ideas, materials, and ways to make the Ewe Cultural Heritage a success are being solicited from all Ewes across the globe where there are Ewes: Ghana- University of Ghana’s Linguistic Department, Togo, Benin, North America, Europe, and everywhere.

Source: William Yaw Adufutse

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