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The Ups and Downs of the Journey

Dr. Gabriel Asumeng
I love traveling.  Well, that is when the purpose of the journey is important.  And, on every trip, whether by air or by land; I have not travelled by sea or water yet, I realize that the route is never straight nor smooth.  There are ascents and descents, mountains, valleys and plains.  There bumps and turbulent times.  Sometimes, it’s windy, some days it stormy.  The clouds and the sunshine, they come and go.  Sometimes, I pull off the road to safety until the storm is over.  Somedays I choose a different path.  One thing is so sure.  The challenges and uncertainties of the trip all work to make an exciting experience.  And I am determined to reach the destination.
Your life might be filled with ups and downs, challenges that sometimes threaten to take you out of the game of life itself.  You work full time, or two full time jobs. Yet, the bills are piling up.  There is sickness and death pounds at the door, ferocious.  You’ve been sick for as long as you can remember. You watch your friends enjoy the support of their parents and you wonder if you were born by human beings with the capacity to love, and to care. That exams seems impossible to pass.  All your friends are married, except you.   And you wonder whether you are invisible to the opposite gender. The divorce was sinful enough, and the saints won’t stop reminding you how you failed at marriage.   The next job you apply to will be the 1000th but you never get an interview.  Not even a flicker of hope, temporary as that would be.  You joined the community of believers, hoping to get spiritual support as you strive to overcome one sin in your life at a time only to become the subject of incessant and malignant gossip.  It makes you wonder, do they gossip about people this much in the club or at the bar?
In spite of the gnawing vicissitudes that plague my life, or yours, it’s worth remembering that “Weeping may endure for a night …!”  And, the ONE that has promised is faithful.  This week, I choose to accept the beauty of His grace.  I choose to focus on the ONE who is on my side, instead of the many who seem to be against me.  For when the time for the fulfillment of HIS purpose for my life is come, it shall not be overdue even a second.  May our God and Savior be with you today and the week ahead.  God bless.

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