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Ode to The Doyen

By: Kwesi Ntem-Mensa









What is history?

I do not want a dictionary definition

I want to know how you clarify it

It is through History that the future is born


24 May 1932

Oseim. Eastern region, Ghana

He was born; He was raised

Son of Juaben –Asante

He is History so he knew what to say

He is History so he knew his Geography


None could talk; the sky was cloudless

The sun was enraged; the air packed and moved away

Then he stood up. In a booming voice the ant roared.

The culture of silence was broken

He endeared all; engaged their brains for Ghana

Ghana had found a voice; a voice that resisted oppression

He gave new meaning to the National Anthem


He was still a family man

He was still a community patron

He still stood in the classroom; he lectured all

The history unknown


He departed on the 24 of May 2006

24th to 24th

Professor Emeritus Albert Kwadwo Adu Boahen

We thank you; Ghana salutes you

Forever in our hearts , O Doyen.

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