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Dr. Anthony K. Adade: The Renaissance Man For NPP-USA?

Dr. Anthony Adade


The Ghanaian American Journal (GAJ), sat down with Dr. Anthony K. Adade, former Chairman, Massachusetts Chapter of NPP-USA.

Dr. Adade is a leading Candidate for the NPP-USA Chairmanship slot, slated for March 17, 2018 in Atlanta, GA.

Our interview delved into his experience, readiness, and vision as he competes for the coveted position as NPP-USA Chairman against a formidable contender, Obaa Yaa Frimpong, the current acting Chairperson of NPP-USA.

GAJ: Dr. Adade, thank you for welcoming us to your office. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Dr. Adade: I grew up in Kumasi and attended St. Cyprians School and Opoku Ware School in Kumasi, before moving to the United States. I currently live in Worcester, MA. I attended Northeastern University and Lesley University, where I obtained my PHD in Information Technology. I am currently the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Worcester State University, in the State of Massachusetts.

GAJ: Can you briefly tell us how you developed interest in Politics?

Dr. Adade: I became active in politics in the late 1990’s when we first formed a group in Worcester to push for political reforms in Ghana. This group later became NPP-MA branch which I became its first Chairman from 2004 to 2007.

GAJ: What roles have you played in NPP-USA that has prepared you for this position?

Dr. Adade: I was instrumental in the formation of the Massachusetts chapter of NPP-USA. I have worked with past National Executives including chairmen Alhaji Mohammed Iddris, Dr. Kofi Boateng and Nana Adjei-Yeboah. I was part of the Massachusetts Planning Committee that adopted the Naleregu-Gambaga constituency in the Northern Region, which resulted in the victory of Hon. Hajia Alima Mahama. I also hosted a fundraising luncheon for the then candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo at my residence in the lead up to the 2016 elections, where we raised money to support the President’s campaign.

GAJ: What made you decide to contest the Chairmanship of NPP-USA?

Dr. Adade: I was approached by several members of our party to consider a run. They knew my leadership capabilities and believed I can serve the party well. Many believe that the NPP-USA needs to be repositioned for continued success so after giving it much thought, I decided to run.

GAJ: How are your preparations so far towards the campaign?

Dr. Adade: My campaign is running an issue-based campaign. We are focused on ideas, and not on personalities. I want to focus on Accountability, People, and Progress of the party. So far we are vigorously campaigning and visiting the various chapters to position ourselves towards victory in Atlanta.

GAJ: Do you think your opponent has run a positive campaign thus far?

Dr. Adade: I wouldn’t say she has run a necessarily negative campaign, but there are a lot of misinformation going on from various camps. There have also been complaints about the electoral voting system and the voter register. There have been some few inconsistencies as well that have been identified and we are going through the proper internal channels to rectify those issues.

GAJ: How confident are you that the Electoral Commission can resolve the issues before the elections on March 17?

Dr. Adade: My campaign’s goal is to ensure that we have a free and fair elections. It is good for the party.  It is good for democracy.  And we want to work within the framework that has been put in place by the NEC and I am confident that the EC would fix any issues identified.

GAJ: How have you mobilized your campaign in the other states?

Dr. Adade: I have representatives in the various states, we meet weekly to discuss our work and plans. I have been embarking on campaign tours around the various states as well. So far we are moving towards victory in Atlanta.

GAJ: What is your vision for NPP-USA?

Dr. Adade: My vision is to restructure and reposition NPP-USA for success; through party engagement and accessible leadership; transparency and accountability; membership drive and effective communication channels.

GAJ: The issue of accountability is one that has been raised over the years, how do you plan to tackle that?

Dr. Adade: We plan to set up a Finance Committee under the Treasury that would work with the Treasurer to ensure that there is proper accountability.  NPP-USA is a 501 (c) entity, which means we cannot operate in secrecy, because we can be publicly audited at any time. My vision is to bring proper transparency to bring confidence in the leadership. I understand this well and I would work to ensure that there is integrity at all times.

GAJ: How do you plan to bring the various branches together to understand your vision?

Dr. Adade: I plan to visit the various branches more frequently to have that personal interaction with them, so I can hear their concerns and give them feedback. In addition, I plan to have town-hall meetings to understand their needs. I want to increase membership up to 5000 members by the end of my tenure.

GAJ: How do you plan to bring back members who for various reasons are tuned out to the affairs of the party?

Dr. Adade: I believe with frequent visits from the national executives, and a new dynamism we can bring them back because every party needs members and money and resources to operate. Membership is a priority, so I want to win back our former members. In my field of work, we see that most students drop out due to the treatment they get at the school. It is equally important that as a party, we make our members know that we care, and once they experience that, they would see the party in a better light.

GAJ: How do you plan to increase the collaboration between NPP-USA and the Mother Party?

Dr. Adade: The mother party understands our contributions to their efforts back home. Our challenge is to increase the trust between us. We have the same goals, we only need to continue to work together.

GAJ: The High Court of Ghana, has ordered ROPAA’s implementation, how would you ensure that it is well executed?

Dr. Adade: We would spend a lot of time to see to its effective implementation. One of the first things I would do when I take office is to establish a committee, that would be tasked with identifying the needs and resources necessary to support the implementation process. It is largely the duty of the EC, however we shall do our part to support them.

GAJ: How can NPP-USA become a more community engaged party; as you said it takes people to build a party.

Dr. Adade: Like the mother party, NPP-USA believes in God, family and country. We have to ensure that Ghanaians in the USA have the necessary tools they need to build strong families; such as access to healthcare and a good education. We can do this through community engagement and support. I have a lot of experience speaking to Youth to help them make better choices.

GAJ: What are your immediate goals for the 2020 elections in Ghana when you become Chairman?

Dr. Adade: My goal is to increase party engagement, embark on an aggressive membership drive, and improve communication between headquarters and our various branches to ensure improved coordination towards 2020.

GAJ: Do you plan to work with your opponents?

Dr. Adade: As chairman, I would reach out to my opponents. I would invite every member to join us to build the party regardless of whether they voted for me or not. Vindictiveness is not in my character trait at all.

GAJ: Any final words?

Dr. Adade: As a party I believe we are at a crossroads, I want everyone to go into the election with a renewed mind. I am a leader with broad experience. I implore all to come and vote for me in Atlanta, come March 16, 2018.

May God bless NPP-USA, our motherland Ghana and our 4th Republic as we celebrate 61 years as a nation, and God bless His Excellency, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

Source: www.gajreport.com



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