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Ghanaian Actress, Moesha Boudong sparks fire after statements made in an interview

Popular Ghanaian instagram Model and Actress Moesha Boudong’s article with Christiane Amanpour has gained more popularity than actually Mets the eye. The actresses interview which spark a lot of controversy both from Ghanaian men and women in the country last month, made her the most talked about and sort for celebrity at the time.

The interview which was conducted in a beauty bar was set as a question for final year students of the Ghana institute of Journalism yesterday. The question which required that students Analyzed the interview she had between Christiane Amanpour and the one she had earlier on with celebrated talk show host Deloris Frimpong-Manso, popularly known as delay . Students were asked to compare and contrast her statement using a therapeutic term known as Multiple realities which simply talks about the signs and symbols of a person’s background that constitute to his or her ideology or thinking differently. Some students from the school said that particular question had them learning their heads of all through the week before the paper especially because the lecturer had mentioned in one of the lectures earlier on in the semester. According to some other students, the course was however one of the most difficult papers they had written since their exams begun. A few students were however some students were furious they had to kill time just to write on an interview which was of no interest to them , simply because they did not agree with the statements raised by Miss Boudong .

Moesha has received a lot of backlash ever since her interview with Amanpour was brought into the public eye. Social media did not even for one day pardon the young lady, and made sure different reactions were visible. Some celebrities also took to their various platforms to sternly reject the claim made by Miss Boudong that “every woman in Ghana needed someone to support her.” The Interview was recorded for award winning Journalist Christiane Amanpour, dubbed Love and Sex. The show highlights love, relationships, sex life and interactions between male and females and the walk throughs people have about relationships all over the world. The Delay show on the other hand is a life style program which is aired on Sunday’s on Ghone television, features popular faces in the Ghanaian entertainment Industry . In her interview with Delay, Moesha emphatically states that, her older brothers who were t financially sound , could not take care of the home as is expected of men in Northern ghana due to their patriarchal system which sees men as the superiors of the home. She also stated that her father took ill hence, much was expected of her to take care of him. In her other interview with Amanpour, Moesha started that thanks to the increment in rent and demand by house owners for two years advance , one especially the Ghanaian woman who isn’t earning much, needed a fall back financially be it a married man or not. Her interview has been aired on CNN

-By Hephie Armah .

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