The Ghanaian American Journal seeks to convey the unique story of Ghanaian Americans to the world.

GAJ would be the missing link in the chain of information in our ever evolving world. As a community of proud and resourceful immigrants, Ghanaian Americans are aware of the contributions that America has made in our lives; we are equally mindful of the immense resources that we bring to this society in the areas of education, socio-economic, cultural, and most importantly, our excellent human capital. We are equally proud of our men and women who have heroically fought in wars in defense of the United States.

We shall always champion our fidelity with our two nations, and promote the unique fusion of our Ghanaian American identities, culture, industry, and intellectual accomplishments, as we highlight our eternal contributions and cooperation between the people of Ghana and the United States.


The Vision of the Ghanaian American Journal is to become your authoritative source for relevant information pertaining to Ghanaians within the American experience.
GAJ believes that Ghanaian Americans have a unique story to tell; a story of unwavering determination, noble-idealism, an indomitable work ethic, and a high sense of achievement. 

This is indeed the quintessential Ghanaian American story – It is a story we seek to share.


GAJ would produce well researched white papers on topics of concern to our communities. We shall provide forums for cutting-edge discussions with key stakeholders on many contemporary topics of particular interest to Ghanaians in America.


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