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US revokes visa of International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor

  The US has revoked the entry visa for the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatou Bensouda. The decision is thought to be the US response to Ms Bensouda’s investigation into possible war crimes by American forces and their allies in Afghanistan. The US secretary of state had ...

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History of the Ashanti: Empire and Colonization

  Oral histories all agree that the Ashanti were originally part of a unified Akan clan that included the Fante, Wassaw and other Twi-speaking people. But it is in the specifics of its subsequent division that stories begin to diverge. In one legend, it is Fulani invaders, destroying the Akan’s ...

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How to apply for a Ghana passport online

Ghana Passport Application: The requirements you must meet Applying for the Ghana passport online has been introduced lately to ease the process for applicants. You will need to have;  Your birth certificate as proof of Ghanaian citizenship Other documentation that supports the identity in the birth certificate like a National ...

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