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15 Tips for Minority Students to Get Accepted into Ivy League and Elite Colleges

Being admitted into an Ivy League university or elite private college is competitive for first-generation minority students or any high school student. But most minority students must compete for limited spots in the freshman class without the help of Princeton Review and Kaplan prep classes, advice from costly private college consultants, or mentoring by college-educated ...

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How College Admission Works

SAT Scores and Minority Students It may come as a surprise, but most schools consider how you did academically in school to be more important than SAT scores. And most colleges don’t have a cutoff SAT score. The way SAT scores are perceived has changed somewhat since, several years ago, ...

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The African Storm opens to applause at Pan-American film festival

A new movie called The African Storm is captivating audiences at the 25th Pan-American film and television festival in Burkina Faso. The film tackles corruption, civil war, and the country’s ties with former colonial powers. Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Vall reports from Ouagadougou. Source: Al Jazeera

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